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Locksmithing has to be based on complete trust. Trust that professionals will do the best job possible on this sensitive area of your residential or commercial property. Trust that the price will be fair. So how do you find a trustworthy commercial locksmith in Haverhill?

At Kwikey, our team is fully bonded and insured, meaning that we’re regulated and bound to offer fair prices and deliver top-quality service. To learn more about why you can trust our service, call us today.

Kwikey locksmith services
Kwikey locksmith services

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Looking to upgrade your building’s security systems, or need to arrange emergency access? Look no further. We are a specialist commercial locksmith in Haverhill and are here to listen to your concerns and deliver swift, effective service at a price you can afford.

Call the best commercial locksmith in Haverhill, Florida today to schedule service.


Protecting your home in Haverhill, Florida is a vital concern – you want the best systems in place to deter and repel intruders. You also want a trustworthy residential locksmith in Haverhill saved in your phone to arrange emergency access if you forget your keys.

Our professional team has years of experience protecting the homes of Florida residents and always offer compassionate service with a smile if you need an emergency locksmith service in Haverhill. Contact us now.


Is the battery dead on your key fob? No problem. Lost your car key? We can help. Need instant access to your vehicle? We’ll be right over.

Our experienced team can work with virtually any automobile to cut new keys, arrange emergency access, or deal with battery issues. Get in touch with our top-notch automotive locksmith in Haverhill, Florida to fix any issue.

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The best service, the best price. Whatever your needs, Kwikey is here for you. Call us today to schedule service.

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